Maden Sane

Freed Chimera who has an insatiable hunger for knowledge


LVL: 1

STR: 3 (6 ATK 15 HP)
INT: 5 (10 MAG 25 FOC)
DEX: 2 (4 AGI 4 CRIT)
CSS: 1

Skill Level similar to level 3 Mage

Leather Vest
Leather Trousers
Leather Gloves

Iron Dagger
Wooden Bow

Leather Straps holding tools and cores
Leather Bag carried over shoulder

5 Cores of weak quality
Small Core Oven Kit to create Cores from sand turned to Glass


Maden always was a loner, didnt much like his life in his village and because of his dreams to move to the big cities and build golems he was more of a closed in person always tinkering with stuff he would find around the village that nobody cared for.

One day after the attack he decides to take the opportunity to leave the village and come back a powerful arcanocrafter to show his dreams fulfilled.

The attack was at dusk when monsters attacked the village in an organized raid, the beasts seemed to be controlled by someone giving them orders but in the dark it was impossible to see, the attacks were frequent after a few weeks where all they did was take big portions of the food and medicine from the village, as if they wanted to dry out the village and for them out.

Maden Sane

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